Visit the huge multicultural cities in Europe, great hotels, cuisines, resorts, montains, beaches and enjoy an adventure!

This will always be a controversial and difficult choice, but here’s our “top ten”:

Amsterdam — canals, Rembrandt, hashish and red lanterns, the epicenter of liberal attitudes.

Athens – the Acropolis, ancient temples, medieval churches, early modern neoclassical mansions; the birthplace of Western civilization with a history of 3,400 years.

Barcelona — Gaudi’s cosmopolitan home on Mediterranean coast.

Berlin — the capital of reunited Germany since 1990, it was di- vided by force for 45 years during the Cold War and has emerged as a international cultural centre and an area of rapid development since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Istanbul — the only major city to span two continents and a fascinating melting pot of East and West.

London — Britain’s vibrant and truly multicultural capital.

Moscow — Europe’s largest city is famous for its nightlife and the iconic Kremlin.

Paris — the capital of romance (and France) on the banks of the Seine.

Prague — magical city with its renowned bridges spanning the Vltava River.

Rome — the eternal city of seven hills and two thousand seven hundred years of history.